About Us

Where did it all start…

Well…Eden, my daughter, was born in 2014. It was truly the best moment of my life. Having your first child is really a life changing event. I’m sure you can relate. My life revolved around hers.

In 2016 I became a single mom and had to take care of my Eden, full time.

The struggle was real!

I worked 40+ hours a week with a 2-hour commute to and back from work every day. I worked in a women’s clothing boutique that was truly beautiful! I was lucky enough to have been able to bring her to work with me. I am so thankful for that! Eden truly grew up to be so social and outgoing thanks to this. Her passion for fashion grew and she literally loved to dress up, until today.

Years went by…and after thinking and brainstorming for so long I thought about opening a store, Eden’s Closet, named after my daughter. I really wanted to create this store just for her. Something she can count on and something for her to feel proud.

I wanted this store to be as unique as my daughter. I chose to carry unique and fun outfits and accessories with a wide variety of colors for girls and boys! Everything carried has a touch of my Eden.

The idea came true! Eden’s Closet opened December 2018 in Bonita Springs, Florida.

To make the experience more fun and enjoyable we decided to offer easy gifting solutions. No need to travel to multiple stores to get all your gift-wrapping supplies. You tell us and we will beautifully gift wrap your purchases.

Eden’s Closet is truly a fun place to shop at and to bring your little ones.

Eden and I hope to see you sometime soon at Eden’s Closet.  

Love, Netta & Eden XO